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Think Small, Think Simple

I plan to think small: keeping things simple in my life on a daily basis. How much does a person really need? Not nearly as much as we tend to think we do. I know I have downsized quite a bit this past year, and yet I know I still have more than I actually need. When I stop myself and say “think small”, it helps me with the never ending quest to acquire more things that we are constantly bombarded with. It helps me distinguish between my needs and wants. Not that I’m eliminating all wants (what fun would that be?), but the goal is to keep the wants from infringing on my ability to live and dream big. If I keep getting distracted by every little thing that I may want, I will never acquire the bigger things that I really want. Therefore, I’m telling myself “think small, think simple“.

I want a life full of memorable moments-not stress and things. I want to spend time with family & friends, pursuing theocratic goals, and doing things that bring joy, contentment, and fulfillment to myself and others. I want to take control of my attitudes and circumstances instead of allowing them to control me. Notice the previous statements started with “I want”. I told you I wasn’t getting rid of the wants. There are still a lot of them, but I’ve refocused and prioritized them. A bigger want to me doesn’t necessarily mean that it costs more, but rather that it is more important to me and may require different or bigger sacrifices to attain.

Our lives these days tend to be very consumed by work and struggling to get by day to day. Many times it is out of our control to change this. My life may stay tied to this struggle too, but if it does, I don’t want it to be because I chose it. To this end I am making changes. I have made one already with more to come. Check back for further details.

Forgive the analytical thought ramblings. I drafted this the other night while having deep thoughts and decided now to go ahead and post it. I’m too tired to think this deep today. 🙂

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