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Simplify & de-clutter…

By January 12, 2013Down-sizing, Simplifying

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you already know that a little over a year ago I moved from my spacious 986 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment to a small 375 sq ft studio apartment. After living here a while the verdict is….(drumroll please)…I love it!

In fact I love it so much that I am now selling the contents of my storage unit to downsize to a smaller unit there as well. Most of the items stored there have not been used even once in the entire length of time I’ve been in this new apartment, and for some items it has been longer than that. Of course not everything will go. For instance my suitcases, tent & off-season clothes stay there. (Oh and my ski-boots & snorkeling gear – I am going to use those again!)

It has been and is a journey that I am loving. Surprisingly it is very liberating to get rid of things. Things require time and energy. Always nagging in the back of the mind about the need to go through that closet or organize this or that. Always dictating the need for a home a certain size in order to fit everything in. In turn dictating that the need for a higher income to afford the larger living space. In reality how much of the space does a person actually function in on a daily basis? If the stuff goes, then some of the responsibility follows. See what I mean? Very liberating.

The ultimate goal is still a ways off. To be debt free and thus free to live with more choice on the matter. Debt, like things, also ties a person down and adds weight and responsibility. At this moment I am still working on the sell off of my belongings (including a closet full of clothes that no longer fit) with the next goal tackling the debt. (Did I say I love e-Bay? More on that later)


  • Ms. M says:

    Good thoughts. I do the same with taking pictures of things. They're easier to store. Now…to find a place for all my photo albums…

  • I've gotten to where all of my photos are in the computer so they don't take up much space either. That kind of just happened because I never got around to having them printed out. I should update ones for the frames in my house though. They are getting ancient…

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