A little thing, a big smile…

By July 22, 2010February 20th, 2015How do I categorize this?

Guess what. Yesterday I went to check my mail box. I looked inside expecting the usual stuff: junk mail, bills, catalogs, a movie from Netflix, or more junk. To my great surprise there were not one, but two actual personal cards in my mailbox.What an exciting event! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting the mail even when it is only the usual stuff, but a personal greeting card just tops it all. Funny how such a seemingly small thing can bring such a big smile. It makes me think I should get some of those cards out of the drawer. You know the ones…those that were bought with particular friends in mind and never actually made it into a mailbox. Perhaps I should follow through on the thought and bring a smile to someone else. I offer a “thank you” to those who did this for me.

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