A quick TinCan video tour…

It’s raining today, and I am enjoying a long needed day at home working on projects and relaxing. I thought I’d try sharing a quick TinCan video tour with you guys today. I’m definitely not a videographer, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

If you are curious about the awesome storage containers mentioned in the video, here is a little more information. They are the Urbio* container system originally designed for vertical gardening. I saw these containers at the Container Store a few months ago, and they have been on my wish list since. Last week I found the display unit of these containers on clearance!!! Woohoo! As you see they work awesomely for making use of wall space in the TinCan. The unit holds my art supplies easily organized and within reach, thus freeing up desk space. I love the look and the function.

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  • Love this! That video is the cutest. I love your style! And those containers you got from the container store?! LOVE!!! Do you have an oven in your Airstream? We are trying to decide if we need/want one or not..

    • aunt am says:

      Hi! Thanks so much. Highly recommend those containers. 😉 Yes I have a propane stove/oven combo. I use both quite a bit and they work great. I really like to bake, and since this is my fulltime home I think I’d really miss it if I didn’t have the oven.

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