A Trip to Maas Nursery…Seabrook, TX

By February 26, 2017 Galveston Bay area

Several posts are lined up to share with you guys, but this one jumped ahead of the line.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. Add on being exhausted after a very long week, and needless to say the projects planned for the TinCan were swept aside. Instead, I picked up Mom for a visit to Maas Nursery. This nursery is high on the list for locals here, and has been for years. Their website says since 1951. I know it was when I first lived here nearly 20 years ago.

We spent the afternoon drooling over all of the gorgeous flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, water features and yard art. How we escaped with only purchasing a lavender plant and a couple of air plants is beyond me! (Not getting a cart on the way in probably helped as one can only carry so many plants.) This being said…I’m still dreaming about a certain beautiful meyer lemon tree. I may have to return for it and few more herbs after I review the budget. What I did leave with yesterday was a camera card loaded with beautiful photos…Enjoy!

This Bougainvillea almost came home with me… This plant was super interesting…but it smelled awful! Hahaha

Picking out the just right Airplants…My nephew said he is going to mist his on Sunday’s so that he will be able to remember to do it each week. (Came up with that all by himself he did.)

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