I cannot believe it has been two years since the TinCan became mine. Where has the time gone? I still remember the nervousness I felt on that drive to Ohio. Will she be as wonderful as she looks in the photos? Am I making a good decision? What if this is just a crazy idea? All of those thoughts and questions raced through my mind on the drive. Then I saw her and met her wonderful previous owners…and I knew it was a good decision. The last two years have only served to prove this to me over and over again. I may not own a house, but I definitely own a home. Enjoy the flashback photos to two years ago this day:
IMG_1969Wasn’t she lovely?

IMG_1968IMG_19701st mirror view! Is this for real?


IMG_1972IMG_1986Yep! She’s still back there.

IMG_1985Obviously I could not get enough of this view!


Last one! I hope to add more views like this in the years to come, but for two years already the adventure has been great!

To all of you who have been followers & supporters on this journey thanks so much! Stay tuned…the journey is far from over.


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