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Don’t you just love Fall? I guess some of you may already be experiencing a taste of winter, but here where I am fall is still definitely in the air. It’s my favorite time of the year. As the weather changes and relief from the oppressiveness of summer arrives, I get homesick for places past and eager for places future. This fall I simply don’t have time or finances to do all the things on my to-do or wish list, so I am working on telling myself it is okay if some things have to wait until later.

One thing I have been working on is making time in my schedule to put my paint brushes in action. They were looking so forlorn just sitting around in jars, like nothing but a lovely room decoration. These brushes are so much happier, or at least I am, when they are in action regularly. Thus, I finally finished a painting I started last winter for friend, and then stretched my creative muscle with a couple of paintings that were, shall I say, a little outside of my usual style and comfort zone (one watercolor, one in acrylic). Check out the latest from the studio:

AmysNephews.jpgAcrylic on Canvas 8 x 10
Airstreamwatercolor.jpgWatercolor on wet media canvas. 5 x 7
RubyFish.jpg  Acrylic on linen canvas. 6 x 6?November2015-2.jpg


Acrylic on Canvas 9 x 12

As mentioned in a previous post, I have also been reading a great book called Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon. (No I’m not affiliate or sponsor for this book or its author. I honestly stumbled across it from following the author’s feed on Instagram.) If you, like me, need some motivation, direction, and guidance in starting or growing your art business, then read this book. It is really helping to provide the motivation I have been needing. It is helping me set some practical goals to work toward over the next year. Part of the direction I want to go forward with is to share more helpful tips, inspiration, technical lessons, etc. relating to art & photography via my site. There have been some vague ideas rolling around in my head for some time now, and I am starting to see them taking a more concrete shape.

Here is where I would like your input. Over time my blog here has grown and changed right along with me. I have always enjoyed it that way. It seems like a natural flow of life. For me my life in the TinCan goes hand in hand with my art and photography. Living in this old Airstream inspires me and my creativity in so many ways that it just seems a natural flow to share everything here all together in one place. Life, art, photography, TinCan projects and upgrades, and simple living all work together for me. The TinCan is often featured in my photography and art. Some of my future posts will even include how to keep your creative interests and pursuits alive while living in a small space like the TinCan. However, I know many of you follow along here primarily because of the TinCan. I don’t want to bore you with posts regarding topics you aren’t interested in. Therefore, I’d love to get your feedback as to whether you’d prefer I shared posts which are primarily about art and photography in a separate blog feed or right here at home. Don’t worry. Regardless of which format I move forward with for the artsy side of things, there will still be plenty of posts like you are used to about life in this wonderful TinCan I call home. She still has a long list of projects waiting for me, and I hope you will continue to share this adventure with us.

So all together, or separate? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, or if you read my posts via e-mail simply hit reply and let me know what you think.

Happy Fall to all of you my friends!



  • Cheryl Milliorn says:

    Amber, I adore the painting of the boys! And it came at a very good time. I love reading your blog. It makes no difference to me if you separate the two or leave as one…I’ll still keep reading!

    • aunt am says:

      Thanks so much for the input, and I am so glad you guys like the painting! Thanks to for being one of my most loyal readers. 🙂

  • Kathy Magee says:

    I really enjoy your blog exactly as it is now. I like the posts about your Airstream, as well as the posts about your creative interests. Keep up the good work!

    • aunt am says:

      Hi Kathy! Thanks so much! I’m so happy you enjoy it. I want my readers to enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Your feedback helps me keep it that way. 🙂

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