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By November 22, 2015Airstream, Full-timing, Interior
RoverPass Airstream Hacks

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on my last post here and on Instagram. Your feedback was very helpful. I’ve been somewhat under the weather so I haven’t been making as much progress on things as I’d like to. Thus, winter temps have also come upon me with a bit of a surprise. Fortunately, dripping the faucet and impromptu hose insulation kept my water from freezing up. A cancel of other plans allowed me to get my water hose officially heat taped and insulated today. Yay! Expect a step by step post on making a heated hose in the next couple of days. For now I’m just going to share a link to where they have compiled a clever list of Airstream Hacks. I’ve tried a couple of these hacks (or something similar) and may need to implement a couple more. I like the one using a wine glass rack for pot lids. Unfortunately my lids don’t have the right sort of handle for it to work for me, but it is still a pretty cool idea. If you have any hacks you’ve tried that worked (or didn’t…those stories are always entertaining learning experiences. Haha), please share in the comments.

 roverpass airstream hacks

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