Airstream in the air!

By November 18, 2014 Airstream, Full-timing, Plumbing, Repairs

Brrrr…It is cold and the tin can is up in the air! No she isn’t learning to fly. (Wow! That could be cool, and of course a spaceship name would then become completely appropriate for her.) Sorry…what was I talking about? Oh yes, the tin can is up in the air! This evening she was lifted into position via forklift, or I should say forklifts. These guys have some serious forklift skills. I was so impressed that I at one point I forgot to be nervous that they might drop her. Repairs have commenced and so far they are not looking as terrible as feared. No one wound up with a face full of poo, so I’d say the initial belly pan drop went well. I will keep you posted as the work progresses.

Disclaimers: If you get nervous easily or are prone to heart attacks, you may not want to view the following. Also, I am not endorsing or recommending the following method of lifting your Airstream. When in a tight spot and friends step in to help with repairs, sometimes you simply put yourself and your beloved home in their hands while trying not to have a panic attack. Hahaha! Despite my fears the process went so well that my nerves calmed rather quickly. I hope the rest of the repair goes as well.

intheair-2intheair-1intheair-3intheair-4intheair-5She is now sitting pretty and surprisingly stable with the wheel chocks in place. Let’s just hope she stays that way until repairs are finished, and she is back on the ground. The forecast is somewhat better for the next few days so hopefully this will help the progress.


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