TinCan Bath Time!

By March 30, 2015 Airstream, polishing/exterior

It is spring! The TinCan is a mess inside with boxes of project paraphernalia laying all around. Fantastic Fans have arrived and are waiting somewhat impatiently for installation. Cleaning products are sitting in a box ready to get the grime off this big old girl (No not me…the TINCAN!) The ladder is riding around in my car waiting for my upcoming rooftop excursions. (How odd is it to drive around in a tiny car that is also playing storage to a ladder, toolbox, Makita polisher, and a weed eater?) I have ordered the primer for the roof, but still need to order the coating. Yes, exciting things are in the works around here. Honestly it has been a little stressful with all of the obligations I have for the next month looming ahead combined with the need/want to get these projects done before summer heats things up around here. Is it weird that I am excited to get outside and wash my house this weekend?


I wrote the above last week, but due to a crazy schedule the past several days and a data overage it was never finished. I have few more post sitting in a similar state right now. However, I am little exhausted after yesterday’s project so I’m going to settle tonight for sharing some photos from yesterday’s work. The TinCan is so clean!!! (at least on the outside)

2015-03-29 17.28.33Mixing the Cleaner!

2015-03-29 15.31.13All sudsy!

2015-03-29 18.09.56Best product for washing the TinCan ever! I wish I could remember where I read about this product so I could give that person credit. I couldn’t find this locally so I ordered it online.* It works better than any I have tried. No streaks…I repeat no streaks. Tough dirt, even on the roof, came off very well. Now maybe I should try it on the car…

2015-03-29 17.24.51-1Let’s start at the top!

2015-03-29 17.25.23Don’t look down! Good news…I didn’t fall off the ladder! Of course, I did drop the water hose and connected nozzle on my head from the top of the ladder though. Hahaha!

2015-03-15 16.23.03This great wash brush I found at Sam’s club worked great as well. The extension made it easy to reach without moving the ladder as often on the roof, and I could reach the entire sides from the ground. The big long water hose was great to have too.

2015-03-29 16.32.33Isn’t she looking happy?

2015-03-29 16.32.40Front window no longer nasty!

2015-03-29 17.43.02Before & After…

2015-03-29 18.00.11Ooh la la! She looks so much better.

2015-03-29 19.28.18Wow! Even the roof looks better.

2015-03-29 19.30.21Home clean home! Now to get that roof coated, fans replaced, and the shine on. Don’t you think a small deck would look awesome just to the left of the door? Deck box needs paint and some flower pots too, right? Oh wow! Somebody stop me!

*affiliate link…just so you know and I don’t get in trouble. 

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