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By November 13, 2010February 20th, 2015How do I categorize this?

Do you ever feel like you are in an alternative universe or twilight zone? I swear I feel like that tonight. People in town are driving like they have an entirely different rule book than the one I’m familiar with. I was at an intersection in the right lane of a two lane left turn. As the green arrow lights up the car to my right, THE ONE IN THE LANE TO GO STRAIGHT, proceeds to TURN LEFT. Thankfully, there was not a car in the other turn lane; therefore, I was able to turn sharp enough to avoid her. Next I was cutting through a neighborhood when I followed an suv around a turn. The driver then proceeds to drive down the left side of the road all the way from the turn to Barnes & Noble. The road we were on even has a stripe down the middle. Did I switch countries somewhere in that neighborhood? Finally, I’m pretty sure the left turn signal at the last light I was stopped at did not work. I waited for the car going straight to go, but they wouldn’t. I finally went ahead and then realized that I’m pretty sure that light normally has a left arrow. I think I’ll stay put for a while and let the crazies go home before I head home myself. Hope everyone else is in a normal universe tonight. This one is a little disconcerting. 🙂

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  • Joe says:

    It's Christmas. All the crazies come out, and the other people who are usually out turn into crazies. You're not alone! I hate driving this time of year.

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