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Airstream Sunrise Acrylic Mini 1A few posts back I recall promising that I would say more about a new adventure I’m leaping into. Some of you may have already noticed a new page here, “Am’s Tin Can Studio”. Yes, I am taking a leap into the new and slightly terrifying territory of selling (or more accurately…attempting to sell) my artwork and photography. I must be honest that the endeavor does at times cause rapid heart rate and nervous tension. Hahaha! Seriously, I am very excited about it, but at the same time apprehensive. I have always loved creative pursuits. Painting, photography, knitting, even writing this blog or working on the tin can, these things energize and inspire me. I have day dreamed more often than I can recall about actually doing something of the sort on a more professional level. However, to do so actually requires putting my work out there to be seen, examined and critiqued. Will anyone even be interested? I mean I personally like my work, but even I am inherently picking it to pieces. I’m probably my own worst critic. Is it ever perfect enough? Will I fail at the attempt to offer it to the general public? What if? What if? Too often in my life I have held back because of that question. I think maybe the question all of should ask is “what if what we attempt actually does succeed?”. Thanks to the encouragement of several friends I’ve started to think more clearly and less fearfully. Therefore, I jump.

I started with an introductory submission to a stock photo website They accepted 8 of the 10 original images. Yay! That served as a real confidence booster. (Thanks to Amy for the suggestion to try it. :)) If you are thinking of selling your photography, they have some great tips for stock photographers on their site and signing up is simple.

Of course, what a stock photography company looks for is different from what is considered art photography, thus, I have listed my other artwork and photography on different venues. The Am’s Tin Can Studio page includes more details, and anyone can follow updates for all of my sites and adventures (including this blog) on my new Facebook page for Am’s Tin Can Studio.

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Will I ever be able to make this my day job? Honestly, I doubt it, but I decided I will never know if I don’t at least try. What hobby do you daydream about making into more than a hobby? Or what hobby have you successfully converted to a profitable venture? I’d love to hear your stories. Feel to share via the comments or e-mail me.



  • jtodds1970 says:

    Eccl 11:1 – “Cast your bread upon the waters”, right?

  • jameslcarey says:

    I’m in the same kind of boat, just started selling my photography on etsy, haven’t really made huge strides but you have to start somewhere and just figure it out as you go. Best of luck, looks like you have a great art space and mindset to get you on your way.

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