An outdoor evening & some great temporary neighbors!

It was a beautiful evening tonight. The campground looks so different with the trees no longer bare. I kept meaning to come inside and accomplish something. Instead, each time I walked a lap around the campground, I walked right past my door and made another round. I reminded myself how very few beautifully perfect weather evenings without bugs and humidity we enjoy here. It seemed a reasonable justification. There will be time for the indoor projects once summer hits full swing. Tonight was for being outdoors.

One of the things I enjoy about living in a campground is the interesting people I get to meet. This evening I met a lovely couple from Florida on their way to Colorado for the summer in their Airstream, a young man from Atlanta touring the country in his Ford Focus with a tent and a friend, and a gentleman traveling with his wife out west for several months in their fabulous VW bus. These two live in an Airstream and have previously lived on their sailboat…very cool indeed. He offered some great advice, and it was encouraging to talk with someone else who has stepped away from the conventional way of life and done so successfully without regrets for a number of years. I just hope I didn’t drool too much at the site of that amazing bus! Hahaha! He did let me snap a pic! I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it. 20140519-225021-82221282.jpg

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