An Acrylic Painting How-to…not quite.

By March 2, 2017 Acrylics, Art
acrylic paints on palette

Do you ever start out on a project and then somewhere along the way realize it just might be a good idea to scrap this attempt and start over? This was my experience a few days ago. I still get a chuckle thinking about it. Let me start now from the beginning…

One common feedback I often hear from my friends and followers is that they wish they knew how to paint or draw. Therefore, I thought I would work on creating some how-to’s to share. Let me just say…first attempts at something new don’t always go as planned. Hahaha! I laugh just thinking about it.

Here is what happened. I got out a fresh canvas.

​​Opened the vista view window for some lovely natural light,and prepared my palette.
I added some paint in the background…At this point I also start to attempt some video how-to. I just talked and painted all while holding my little iphone thinking I am making you guys some great how-to videos. Hahahahaha! After a few of them, I thought I would check how they look. (“Why didn’t I check after the first one?” you ask. Hmmm…that is very good question.) I will simply say, “I am no good at making videos”. I stopped the video every time I thought I started it and vice versa. Hysterical! All of the videos are of my table, the wall, and the background noises of my fan. Not a single one actually included any of the lovely how-to’s I thought I had so eloquently created.

Never fear. I will not let the ultimate failure of this first attempt and it’s ensuing laughter keep me from trying yet again to create a viable how-to for you guys. However, only the future will tell if the how-to’s will include video.

You may not have learned how to paint from this post, but I hope you are at least entertained. Btw…I’m pretty certain my old beat up iphone is dying these photos are not up to par.

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