Art, Inc. and a hope for some inspiration…

I received my copy of Art, Inc. by Lisa Congdon in the mail several days ago. I hope reading it will help motivate me to keep doing the work necessary to move forward with my art and photography. I have made little steps of progress over the past year, but it is my goal to do more with it over the year to come. I would love it if someday doing so could help me make these travel dreams more of a reality.

Also, I did sell my sewing machine. I did get a little sentimental over it, but not too much. I am truly happy that someone will be putting it to use instead of it sitting gathering dust. A machine like that really should be used. Also, the funds from the sell covered my insurance policy on the TinCan for the next year. I carry a full-timers coverage which is more like a home-owners policy than regular RV insurance. It costs more, but it also covers more. Since this is my primary dwelling and contains basically everything I own, I feel it is worth it. It doesn’t sound like much fun to use my sewing machine funds to pay insurance, does it? Well, that wasn’t the only reason…with the insurance payment out-of-the-way I am now hoping I will be able to save enough for a trip to Spain in April. A family friend is getting married there, and I really need another stamp in my passport. I already put in for the time off at work. Now the next step is to somehow save up the money fast enough. Here’s hoping I am able to do so! This is the first of my goals/hopes for 2016. More about the rest later…

Are you planning a stamp in your passport next year? Or, are you planning  to see a different part of the country where you live? If you weren’t tied to a traditional brick and mortar workplace and could work from anywhere, where would you live? Where would you go? What would you see?

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