Art of Coffee in Kemah, TX…one of my new favorite places.

I decided to go out for breakfast at new spot yesterday. I’ve driven past the Art of Coffee in Kemah several times before, and the other day I saw a post on Instagram of some beautiful coffees on a table in their charming outdoor space. I knew then that I really must check it out. Yesterday I found the chance.

Charming…this place is simply charming. I’m truly excited about finding such a place here locally. This gem of a shop has the best coffee I have tasted in a while. It brings to mind the kind of place one might stumble on while on vacation. You know those places that stick in your mind and you never forget? Fortunately, this one is close enough to become a regular stopping spot.

Not only is the Art of Coffee a delicious coffee shop, it is also an art gallery featuring local artists. What a great combination!

Try the Mexican Canella. Wow! I drank mine black. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a drip left in the cup when I finished.

The breakfast bagel sandwiches are a little pricey, but they are made fresh, are delicious, and come with a side of fresh fruit.  Sadly, no photos exist of the sandwich. I simply became too excited to eat that tastiness. At least that is my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

Trying some of the beautiful muffins from that display case is on my list for another day.
This Friday the Art of Coffee is hosting an ArtWalk. I had a chance to talk with them a little about it while they were putting out more of these fliers. They invited me to set up some of my work, which I admit, would be super cool. However, I’m thinking it will be smarter and less stressful to check it out this time and then prepare to set up the next time they do one.

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