Atwood AirCommand…a new A/C for the TinCan!

By September 29, 2017Airstream, Repairs, Texas Coast
Atwood Aircommand

Finally! A post about the TinCan’s new A/C an Atwood Aircommand 15k White Non-ducted Unit.

Perhaps it is good I waited to write this post. At least now I can tell you how well the Atwood unit fared through a hot Texas coastal summer. Let me just say…I love this A/C! A big round of thanks goes to my cousin who recommended it and to her repair guy who recommended it to her.

The Atwood is quiet, efficient and keeps this place comfortable even on those really hot and humid days. I went to pay my July and August rent + electricity. What a shock I was in for! Wait for it. My electric bill was a mere fourth of what I paid last year. Last year it still wasn’t cool in here. This year it is completely comfortable.

I will also take a moment here to recommend my new repair guy. His name is Freddy, and he will come do the work on site for you. Unlike most of the mobile RV repair guys in the area, he is actually familiar with working on Airstreams. He is young, but don’t let that scare you off of hiring him. The quality of his work is very impressive.

The previous A/C install was very poorly done. Freddy corrected all of the previous issues, stabilized the roof opening, and taught me how to maintain the A/C properly going forward. When he and his younger brother left, my place might have been cleaner than when they got here. I will definitely call him again with any future repair needs outside of my DIY abilities. If you are looking for a repair guy in the Galveston or Houston area, message me. I will be happy to send you his number.

Now for some photos:

Atwood Aircommand

Immediately after the install Freddy had me run the unit on 61 for a few hours to make sure it was working well. It definitely was!

Atwood AirCommandView from the back of the unit with the control panel flipped down. The unit also comes with a remote control which is awesome when you want to adjust the temperature from bed in the middle of the night.

Atwood AirCommandView after caulking the gap at the ceiling. I eventually need to touch it up just a little since it separated a tiny bit over the summer. Until this affects performance, I am not too worried about it.The Atwood looks a little bigger than the other unit did sitting up top there. It is worth the sacrifice. Summer was much more enjoyable this year.

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