A Beautiful Evening at the TinCan…

By March 13, 2017Airstream, Full-timing
Airstream and Palm Trees

Is it Monday? Surely it must be another day. When did I last have a Monday evening like this? I do believe I complained about losing my sunlight in the morning with daylight savings time this past weekend. I take it all back. Having sunlight and a beautiful evening like this at the TinCan after work makes it all worth it.

I guess I should also update you all on my decision to keep the TinCan and stay put for the foreseeable future. Maybe I will reconsider in another year or so. For now, I’m not ready to commit to anything else, whether a purchase or a rent payment. I still absolutely love the TinCan, and rent for anywhere that I could like nearly as much would be much more than I pay here. Sorry to disappoint anyone who might have been hoping for a chance at her. I’m just not ready to let her go. Whew! It is so nice to have finally figured that out!

That being said…now the project list recommences. First and foremost, I must upgrade the a/c before summer comes. The current unit, although it works well enough on a hot day now and then, will not survive another South Texas summer. I have found a repair shop experienced with vintage Airstreams here in town, Bob Jones RV Repair, and will likely be making an appointment soon. However, do any of you know of a reputable mobile RV repair guy with experience working on vintage Airstreams in the Houston/Galveston area? I am also debating between the unit recommended by the shop, a Coleman Mach 8, or the Atwood Air Command. Do you have either? Any thoughts?
Palm Tree against a clear blue skyEvening at the TinCanTinCan and Palm TreesPalm Trees in the RV park

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