Busy week!

By May 27, 2010 February 20th, 2015 Family, Food

A brief update today. It has been a very busy week. My step-mom is back in town and has been busy packing, packing, packing. I think that the process is almost finished. It is always hard to pack up when you don’t really want to move, but she seems to be holding up pretty good. We had a few sisters from the hall over to say good-bye. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we had far too much food. Enough chocolate cake and chocolate covered strawberries for everyone to have their fill. My sister even delivered some of the leftovers to the neighbors who responded with very large grins. The update from Texas is that Dad is still doing okay. It sounds like he is settling in to a routine. The nurses have been amused with his 9:00pm, and not a minute later, bedtime. I told them not to worry. He’s turned the lights off on us at 9:00 pm too, several times. 🙂
The chocolate cake recipe I used for these was delicious. I’ll add a link to it later.

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