Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure…

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The weather was beautiful today. I could so definitely enjoy living someplace with temperatures like today everyday. Of course, I would love some of those days to be cloudy and rainy, but temperatures in the 60’s to mid-70’s are perfection. A few snow days every now and then could be okay too. I tried to take advantage of the afternoon by sealing up some more seams on the tin can. Must stop the leaks! I couldn’t locate a volunteer to hold my ladder steady and help me set it up safely against the tin can. Therefore, I was not actually able to get completely up on the roof to fix the most troublesome spots. Perhaps next time. However, I did borrow the bigger ladder and was able to reach further up on to her roof to seal some seams. Yay! She sure is dirty up there. Good thing nobody I know is tall enough to see the roof from the ground. Hahaha!

Bath vent cover.jpg

Bathroom Vent Cover…needs a coat of paint, don’t you think?

Looking down on the bathroom window.

Looking down on the bathroom window-It was warm enough to have it open!

Pine needles caught on the awning roll.

Pine needles caught above the awing roll. I wonder how long it will be until I have to clean it out again?

Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure

Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure. (find at Vintage Trailer Supply)

Applying the crack cure

This stuff is so easy to apply. It is thin and runs just like water would. All you have to do is run a drip along the seam and allow it to follow the path like a drip of water would. If there is a leak area it will quickly run into the seam at that area. Simply keep applying until it quits feeding into the crack. I also placed a small drip at the edges of the rivet heads. If the rivet was somewhat loose the solution wicked quickly away. If the seal is already tight you may need to have a paper towel handy to blot up any excess before it drips or pools.

Seam with cure

See the white in the seam? That is the wet Captain Tolley’s. It has wicked in to a looser portion of the seam in the lower left half of the photo. No worries…it dries clear. So far I am impressed with this stuff, and I plan to alway keep some on hand. If only I had been able to do the bigger spots on the roof, I’d be ready for the next big rain to truly test it out.

Cosco ladder

Borrowed this ladder…it is great. I think it will also be possible to configure it to easily access the roof, but I do believe that is a two person job. Especially because this person is a chicken and will not be able to get back on the ladder and down from the roof without someone holding the ladder steady. Hahaha!


Was this sunset my reward for the hard work?


Do you see the moon?

Do you see the moon in the sunset? This may be first for me. I’m not sure I’ve seen it quite like this before. Beautiful!

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