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Catching up around the TinCan…

By September 30, 2015 September 6th, 2017 Airstream, Full-timing, Simplifying, Tiny Spaces

Sometimes I feel like I’m running in circles with so many things on my to do list. However, Sunday I was able to step out of the daily routine to accomplish a few things around the TinCan. I was finally able to get outside and wash the summer grime off of her! Yay!IMG_3098




I also cleaned inside, found a fun new work out on YouTube, and bought mouse traps. Yes…I bought mouse traps. I hear something moving around between the interior and exterior panels of the TinCan! Not sure if it’s mice, rats, or simply waterbugs! Whichever it is, they must go! I will keep you posted on this. (Maybe I bought too many mouse traps…)

I have also been working behind the scenes around here on a few upgrades and tweaks to the blog and e-mail signup. If you already receive my posts via e-mail, you may notice they look a little different now. If you aren’t already signed up, you may want to now as I will also be sending out additional information, free downloads, and promotion codes for my art studio sites from time to time. No worries…I assure you it will be nothing that will overflow your inbox. If you are signed up, I’d love to hear what you think of the new format.

I’ve been analyzing finances and priorities yet once again. This seems to be a never ending project in my life. Do you struggle with this too? I always have too many projects lined up: either physically or in my head. Thus, I have decided that to help simplify my space and project list even more. I am going to put my beloved sewing machine up on eBay tonight. If you know anyone interested let them know about it. It is a truly great machine and sews a beautiful stitch. This is one downsize I am hoping I won’t regret. I simply never have the time to use it, and to be honest, when I do have time I’d typically rather be out taking photographs, painting, reading or writing.  Therefore, after much mental debate, I have decided letting it go is the right thing to do. I hope the money from the sale will relieve some financial stress this fall while also making a hoped for adventure in the spring a possibility. (More on that later, if it works out.)

Do you have any items you find hard to let go of, even though you don’t use them enough to really justify having them? Do you have anything you let go of and later regretted the decision? So far, I haven’t really regretted getting rid of any of the things I have let go over the past few years. It has made my life much simpler and allowed me to enjoy the little amount of free time I have so much more. I think this step will contribute to that feeling even more. I will let you know later though. This one I’m not 100% certain I won’t regret.

Fall is arriving here, and it is a lovely evening. I am writing this while the cool evening breeze comes through my open windows. It truly is the simple things that are the best. I hope you all have a lovely October, and take some time to enjoy the little things this fall. 🙂

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