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Since moving into the TinCan I have always wanted to rearrange how my closet is organized. I have tried a couple of different organization updates, only to end up with a closet looking like this:

Seriously?!? What a disaster! I dreaded the thought of having to try to put away the laundry or even open the closet the door! (Honestly I cannot believe I am sharing the above photo publicly. Instead of an advocate of small space living, I look like a hoarder.) All of the ideas I came up with for upgraded shelving seemed pretty complicated. That is until a couple of days ago when I saw a great idea on Pinterest. Someone, in fact someones, had come up with the idea of using command hooks to hold up those inexpensive wire shelves found at Home Depot (or other home improvement stores). Could this simple idea really work?  Three shelves and 12 large command hooks later:

Why yes! Yes, I think it does work! Tonight I installed three shelves using two hooks at each end to hold the shelves in place. I used a 12″ deep shelf for the top and then two 16″ deep shelves below. I am still waiting to see if the hooks stay in place on the wall with the shelves loaded, but so far, so good. I figure if they do end up popping  loose, I will attach them more securely with something like liquid nails.  After installing the three shelves and bringing my winter clothing from storage, I think it will be more practical to remove the drawer unit from the closet and install two more of the deeper shelves. I thought it might be nice to keep the drawers and use the area next to them for my suitcase and a few other larger items. However, I’ve now decided that more shelves will better suit my overall needs. I have spent around $50.00 dollars for the shelves already installed, and it will be around $35 more for the additional two. Overall, I’m very happy with this simple, relatively inexpensive and practical solution to my closet organization issue.

The command hooks work great to hold the shelves in place with no need to drill into the thin walls. I will let you know if they are not up to the task over the long haul though. Now I really want to clean out all of the rest of my closets, but alas I must go to bed. They will still be waiting tomorrow. I will update with the finished look after the other shelves are in. I hope you are all enjoying the coming of fall as much as I am.

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