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One word for this spring…PROJECTS! I have so many things going on around here this spring. Where do I start to catch you guys up? I guess I will start with the two finished projects. First, I finally I have a white roof. I know some of you diehard Airstream restoration folks will hate me for this. However, after much deliberation I decided to go for it for a few reasons. You may already know how much heat you can feel coming for the roof when the sun is out in all its glory. The white coating is supposed to help with this problem by reflecting away some of that heat. In addition, the roof on this TinCan was not in great condition. It has a couple of weak spots and it was impossible to get it completely clean. I never would have been able to polish it. Therefore, the Dicor Metal RV Roof Coating* seemed like a good choice. I compared several different brands of coatings online. All of them had mixed reviews. Therefore, I settled on the Dicor. Then I got to work.

Day One: Give the TinCan a much needed bath!

Step 2: Start with the Dicor Rust Inhibitive Metal RV Roof Primer*. Of course, the TinCan is made of aluminum and doesn’t have any rust on her roof. I went ahead and applied the primer anyway since from what I have read it will aid in adhesion of the coating to the roof. Quick painting tip: Don’t have any of those nifty little disposable roller pan liners lying around? No worries. Simply line the roller pan with a couple of layers of aluminum foil. It works wonderfully and makes cleanup a breeze. Now for the first coat of primer:

One tip: The primer likes to splatter and the wind will carry that splatter to any nearby surface. Although I didn’t do it myself, I recommend wrapping any roof fixtures and draping plastic down the sides of your RV to keep the splatter from getting on anything important. Don’t look to closely at any of my photos. I painted the entire thing from my ladder using a 6″ roller on a long handle. It is not as perfect as I might like, but at least it is finished.
After one coat of primer!
After two coats of primer!
It definitely looks cleaner!
img_4512Now for the top coat, and sneak peek at one of the next projects.  Top coat was applied using the same 6″ roller. This stuff is super thick and goes on beautifully. I hope I put it on thick enough.
Finished!!!      I am happy with how it turned out. My preliminary impression is that I do notice much less heat radiating from the roof when the sun is out. It takes her longer to heat up when the sun comes out in the morning. I hope this is also reflected in the utility bill this summer. I will update you later on my full-opinion of this product after I see how it holds up. For more information on the product I chose to use you can visit Dicor’s website.
Can anyone stop with painting only one thing? As with all painting projects, the nice white roof led to another painting project. The front propane tank cover was originally painted silver and looked nice. However, over time it had become dingy. What to do now? Two cans of white spray paint and Wa-Lah! 

Now I must get off of this computer and back to work on the next project! Stay tuned as a couple of exciting announcements are coming in future posts. Happy Monday everyone!

*Full disclosure: These are affiliate links. Purchasing from provides me with a small commission and helps keep the TinCan moving forward. I received no compensation for using these products myself and any information provided is entirely of my own initiative.  

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