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Cooking TinCan style…

By February 10, 2015 September 6th, 2017 Airstream, Food, Full-timing, Kitchens & Cooking, Simplifying, Tiny Spaces

You live in a small space. You must not cook. At least that is what the majority of the architects designing apartments must think. In my pre-TinCan days it was always one of the biggest factors in choosing a space to rent: what is the kitchen like? Is there enough storage? What about counter space? I will admit it was also a concern of mine when downsizing to the TinCan. I owned a lot of kitchen paraphernalia, and I liked having a place to keep it and use it. Would I have to let go of it all? How could I adapt to cooking in such a small space? Could I even cook in the TinCan? Would I like to?

The answer is yes! I love cooking in the TinCan. In fact, despite its small size, the kitchen here is one of the favorite ones I’ve cooked in. It has a fantastic window looking out over the sink, a skylight overhead, a gas stove and oven (small but they work great!), and a vent-a-hood that is actually vented to outside instead of just blowing the steam around inside the kitchen. I find that I continue to fine tune my pantry storage system and simplify the dishes, gadgets and pans to those which I use the most. It is really nice to cook in a kitchen where everything is within reach. Yes, sometimes I wish for a little more counter space, but other than baking a wedding cake or roasting a large turkey, I think I can successfully make most recipes I would like to in this space. The small space even makes me wash the dishes quicker. Haha!

The last few weeks I have been focusing on cooking on a more regular basis. I’m trying to eat healthier and plan my menu and budget more conscientiously. Some of the inspiration comes from following the food blog 100 Days of Real Food. If you haven’t checked out the blog, I recommend it. I love the simplicity of the meal plans and recipes offered. One of the best things about the recipes I have tried so far are how wonderfully the left overs reheat after being frozen for a quick breakfast when I’m in a rush (which is more often than I like). I haven’t purchased the cookbook yet, but it is on my list. It is amazing how much space I save in my pantry by no longer stocking refined sugars and flour. I’ve included links to a couple of the recipes on the blog below. These muffins and pancakes in particular work very well for a freezer friendly quick breakfast.
2015-01-24 10.10.02

Happy blue flame in the oven. The oven may be small but it does its job well.
2015-01-14 20.05.59

Whole wheat banana muffins

2015-01-14 20.20.06

Baked to perfection…(They were great even after being frozen and reheated!)

2015-01-15 21.40.48

And cookies too…
2015-01-26 09.53.58

I also love my little griddle*…It works great for the small space. Oatmeal and blueberry pancakes. Yum!

2015-01-27 11.02.17Whole wheat banana pancakes

Update: I received the book 100 Days of Real Food* as a gift from a friend after writing this post. The book is terrific. It contains a number of delicious recipes, but mostly I have enjoyed reading the balanced and insightful thoughts on the food we eat.

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  • Michael V says:

    i also love cooking in my 64 Overlander. It is amazing how well thought out an Airstream kitchen really is. There is really very little I can not make in it. I love being able to open the kitchen window to let in fresh air! I’ve designed hundreds of kitchens and I have to say I’ve taken many a clue from my Lucy

    • aunt am says:

      I could see how it would be an inspiration for kitchen design. The functionality is definitely fantastic for the small space involved. I also agree that being able to open the window open while I cook is one of the best things ever! Love it! Do you have a blog or instagram feed with pics of your Overlander?

  • Lauren says:

    Can’t wait to build my kitchen so I can actually cook 😛 I’m adding a lot more counter space instead of floor to ceiling cupboards, since I’m starting out and I have like… three cooking utensils I use regularly haha!! Oh my that statement is nearly true… embarrassing!

    • aunt am says:

      The extra counter space will be lovely to have, and don’t be embarrassed about having three utensils you use regularly. I’m the one who should be embarrassed at how many more than three I still own despite this tiny space. I do hide most of them in the cupboards nicely to avoid appearing as too much of a hoarder though. Lol!

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