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Cozvijar…a visit to a quiet Spanish village

By June 25, 2017 July 6th, 2017 Airstream

A small village within walking distance from where we stayed is named Cozvijar. It is a charming place, and my sister and I spent part of a day wandering up and down its quiet streets. The older ladies in the town all wear dresses with aprons as they step out to sweep their steps. (Picture the local ladies in the movie “Mama Mia”.) Doors to many homes are open with their customary beaded or rubber strip curtains in front of them. The curtains provide privacy while allowing access to the breeze but not the bugs. Open doors and windows allow the sounds of daily life to carry into the streets, and the sound of children carries in the air from the local school. This is a far different world from the bustling streets of nearby Granada and has a different kind of appeal.

Cozvijar itself is beautiful, and walking its streets is like stepping into another world. Everything about it is so very different from the towns where we live. Quiet and peaceful…this is a place that moves at a different pace. 


The green trimmed place below is for sale. Can it be my new home and studio? Please…

(I’m quite certain it would take some time to win over the locals. It was easy to discern that they would view my presence suspiciously. Only a few returned our smiles or greetings as we walked through the village. Perhaps they are concerned about foreigners moving in and changing their village, or perhaps we just looked like crazy people. Hahaha.)What about this white one? Doesn’t it need someone to restore it? CozvijarCozvijarCozvijarCozvijar

This is the small grocery in the village. It was closed for siesta. Had I noted the time, I would have gone in earlier while I had the chance.CozvijarCozvijarCozvijarCozvijar

Don’t you love the flowers peaking out from window ledges adding little pops of color to the street scenes?


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