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By March 26, 2010 February 20th, 2015 Family, Fronto-temporal Dementia

It sounds like it is finally raining outside, or at least it did about 2 minutes ago. It has been like that all day. The clouds rolled in, and the clouds rolled out. Never more than a few sprinkles at the office though. I stopped at Dad & Sally’s on the way home and just had to share Dad’s joke.

They were still eating dinner when I arrived so I sat down at one end of the table. Dad finished his plate first, as usual. Then, also as usual, he proceeded to snatch food from Sally’s plate. I proceeded to tease and give him a hard time about eating his wife’s dinner. I told him it was good thing she is nicer than me, because I might get somebody who tried to steal my last bite of mac’n cheese. I then related how I almost smacked his hand the other night when I thought he was reaching for my burger. Caught myself when I realized he was just getting the crumbs off the table. 🙂 Anyway, after I’ve said all this, there is a slight pause before Dad makes the next comment. He says, “When you go, do you want us to come with you to eat your dinner?” I looked at him with big eyes and said, “No.” To which he replied with a funny grin, “You don’t want us to come over and help you eat your dinner?” At which point Sally and I were both laughing. Dad laughed so hard. He knew he was so funny. I wish we had a video around when these moments pop up. They are rare, but absolutely hysterical. I laughed so hard tears were running down my face. Someday I’ll have to post about the time he said Sally was mean. He thought he was some kind of funny that time too, and we still laugh about it.

An update on the tulips: I called the gardens, and they said the tulips should reach their peak this weekend and then remain through next week. I haven’t decided exactly when I’m going to go down, but check back for the pictures.

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