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Slowly but steadily I am making my way through the stacks of clothing which no longer fit and other stuff occupying my storage space for the past year. What to do with all this stuff?

Simply put E-bay! You know…I would love to be able to just give the clothing away to friends and such, but unfortunately the money I can make from some of them is much needed. Sorry friends my friends. (New clothes are not cheap and the debt pile is too high.) Therefore, e-Bay has become my very good pal over the past few weeks. $$

Funny thing: It is a somewhat difficult thing to judge which items will sell and which will not. In fact, some I thought would generate a lot of interest died on the auction house floor. So sad! Others that I wasn’t sure would gather any attention sold for more than I ever would have guessed. Woohoo! One thing is for sure…a name brand makes a lot of difference (especially when it comes to clothing). If you have some lower level brand items, it helps to lump them together in a lot with name brand articles. People tend to search by their preferred brands. Think Gap, Anthropologie, J.Jill, Eddie Bauer, and so on…

Another tip: take good quality photos of the items you have for sell (see below for a few examples). The better the photo, the better the odds of your listing closing at a higher price. Also, provide as many accurate details in the listing information as you can. Measurements, fabric content, etc. help people to decide to bid. Details also reduce the number of questions received from potential buyers and buyers who wind up disappointed from receiving an item that does not meet expectations. E-bay has simplified their listing process making it easier now to list your items. They have also been offering insertion free listing promotions-meaning you pay nothing unless your item sells. Yay!

Advice for first-timers: If you have never sold anything on e-Bay before, I recommend spending some time browsing through active listings. Get a feel for the type of details placed in listings, pricing, photography, etc. that seem to work well. In addition, if you are entirely new to e-Bay it may be best to buy a few items first to see the buyer’s end of the transaction and start building a positive feedback profile. This profile may help buyers feel more comfortable bidding on your auctions. These are just suggestions though, and if you are ready to start selling go for it.

Empty the closet and e-Bay it! 🙂

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!

Detail photos show condition and wear on the pocket.

Note this photo shows the detail of the condition of the hem.

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