The elements have it in for the Fit!

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Yet once again the poor little car has been damaged by forces outside my control. She looks so beat up, and not one of the dings or dents has happened with me behind the wheel. (well…except for the scratches under the front end from parking dividers or curbs.) This occurred right after moving into the tin can. I had been home for about ten minutes when I hear a thud outside. I open the door and see bits of red plastic all over the place. Then I see this:

2013-10-31 16.28.17

Guess this branch just got tire of hanging on to the tree.

2013-10-31 16.28.26

Scattered pieces of the taillight gathered in a pile.

2013-10-31 16.28.57

Just glad I wasn’t standing there!

2013-10-31 16.29.02

Poor little light!

A few days later and a nail the size of a pencil somehow did this:

2013-11-04 19.31.11


Little brother to the rescue.

2013-11-05 17.19.41

Not sure what to build that needs a nail this size!

Pretty sure a whole tree will fall on her or something even more exciting the day I make the final payment!

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