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By July 9, 2013 September 6th, 2017 Arkansas, Food

I actually took a break from the tin can and visited one of the local farmers markets downtown this past weekend. My kitchen table looks simply delicious all covered in yummy vegetables and cheese! I even bought myself some fresh flowers. Who needs a man?!? Seriously a woman must do, what a woman must do and buy herself some flowers sometimes. (No offense to you men out there.)

There is simply no comparison between the flavor of a fresh grown farmers market or garden tomato and one from the grocery store. It is almost difficult to imagine that they are supposed to be the same fruit. I sliced this one to put on a turkey wrap, and I ate the whole tomato!
Fresh zinnias!

Tomato basil sauce for the lasagna.
Lasagnas: the back one is a zucchini lasagna (it uses zucchini slices instead of noodles), and the front is a more traditional version with italian sausage and spinach.

On a somewhat similar note, while out for a walk this evening I noticed these raised beds. They are outside the catering shop located around the corner from my house. What a simple yet fantastic idea! Bigger plants such as tomatoes are planted in the center, and herbs are planted in the holes of the concrete blocks around the perimeter of the beds:

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