All soapy and no water to rinse…a faucet handle replacement required

I interrupt my previously scheduled post to share an entertaining adventure from my day. Hahaha!

The morning started like any other. Drag myself out of bed (a little earlier than on a normal Friday). Half of my brain still sleeping, I move the laundry bag, cat box & boots out of the shower space. Turn on the water. Rinse out the tub. There are still no frozen pipes and the water heater is working fine. So far, so good…
(Now I must state here that when I use the shower in the tin can it is a little different from a standard shower. I generally turn the water on to get wet. Turn it off to lather up. Turn it on to rinse. You get the idea. I do this to ensure that I don’t run out of hot water. I’m not even sure I would, but as cold as it has been this winter, I don’t won’t to take any chances. Maybe I will test it better come summer.)

On with the story: Just like any other day I turn the water to get wet then I turn it off. Shampoo in the hair and soap all over I pull on the faucet. It pulled out all right…all the way into my hand! Yikes!


20140307-213815.jpg This handle was in my hand, but no water! What?!? Momentary panic! “Okay stop and think,” I tell myself. How to handle this situation?!? After thinking through the relatively few options, I grabbed the towel, ran to the kitchen for a plastic cup, and then back to the tub to rinse with water from the sink. It’s a good thing the bathroom sink is right next to the tub since I’ve got short arms. Hahaha! Crisis averted…I think I went to work relatively clean but with perhaps more shampoo residue behind my ears and between my toes than on a normal day.

One visit to Home Depot later, I now have a new bathtub faucet handle but not a new flange behind it. The one I bought didn’t quite fit. Oh well…one day it will get replaced too. I thought the faucet handle wasn’t going to work at first too, but with a little more elbow grease it slipped into place perfectly. I also grabbed new sink & tub drain guards while at the store. Check it out. Aren’t you proud?



20140307-214816.jpg This is not the project I have been planning for the next tin can update, but at least I will now have reliable water control for the shower and a clean, shiny new faucet handle.

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