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By October 13, 2010February 17th, 2015Acrylics, Photography

We finally had a little rain today. It came down hard with a little bit of hail mixed in, but it didn’t last very long. We could sure use some more of it. I am currently fighting a sinus infection and slight case of bronchitis. Hope the meds kick in and conquer it quickly. Enough updates. I said I would post the finished version of the watercolor attempt. So here it is, along with the acrylic version I attempted after it. I need a lot more practice on both, but especially on the watercolor. The acrylic is much more forgiving. They are both based off of photograph by Maine photographer Terrell S. Lester.

The watercolor version:
The acrylic version:
Close up of the boat:

Thanks to my Massachusetts friend whose talent inspired me to give this a try in the first place.
Your work is truly incredible.

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