Granada…a city that stole my heart.

By June 25, 2017 June 30th, 2017 Europe, Spain, Travel

Have you ever visited a place where you felt so much at home that you could see yourself staying? Spain was a place like that. Granada in particular stole part of my heart very quickly.

Our first day in Granada was exciting. We drove down a tiny street which was designated for taxi’s only, but in reality is more of a sidewalk. It was quite like a movie scene. There were moments when I thought we may end up stuck on such a tiny street that the only way out of the little Volvo would be through the trunk. Other moments I had visions of us driving down stairs like in the Italian Job. Thankfully we made it safely out of the tiny street zone without that much adventure and with no run over pedestrians. At this point we decided to park the car in a garage. Perhaps we would have better success on foot.

We then walked to the museum/zoo to find it closed on Mondays. Next, we walk for blocks and blocks attempting to find food and a restroom. (Have I told you everything closes between 2pm and 5pm? Well guess what…it really does? Siesta is a real thing not just something I dream of on a long afternoon at the office.) Finally we stumble into a charming cafe named 7 Gatos. (This isn’t the only day we end up eating here by the way.) It was wonderful, and not just because of the prior moments in which we thought we’d never eat. (The food was delicious on the second visit too.) From 7 Gatos we wander through more of the city center and have a slower glimpse of a city we would see more and more of over the next two weeks.

We were tired and it was an eventful day, however, I think we fell in love with the city right from the beginning. The food we found was amazing, and the city’s charm and history entranced us. We kept going back for more. Granada was only a short drive from where we were staying. The other cities we had planned to visit were much further. Somehow the car kept returning us repeatedly to Granada instead.

I hope these photos portray at least a glimpse of the history and charm of this lovely city.



GranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranada GranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranadaGranada Cordoba, Seville, Ronda…all very beautiful cities from what I’ve heard. I do hope to return and see them one day. However, I have no real regrets about not making it to them this time around. We spent enough time to get a better feel for the city of Granada, enough time to truly enjoy it. I will say that not many places have made me long to stay for an extended period more than this city did. Maybe one day…

More photos of the adventure to come soon. I do thank you for your patience.

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