Home Depot…the flowers have exploded!

By April 20, 2015Flower

Friday, I went to Home Depot for some mundane supplies. I became so very distracted by the flowers…flowers everywhere. I want them, all of them – the flowers, the veggies, and the herbs. I did, however, control myself and only take photos of them for now. I am sure other shoppers thought I was crazy taking photos all over the garden center. I hope to actually take at least a few of these beauties home with me in a couple of weeks, but this past weekend was not the time. Have you planted flowers or a garden, big or small, yet this year? Do you plan to? If so, enjoy a little inspiration…

2015-04-16 16.48.17 2015-04-16 16.45.092015-04-16 16.48.122015-04-16 16.46.54 2015-04-16 16.48.27 2015-04-16 16.49.33 2015-04-16 16.49.40 2015-04-16 16.49.58
2015-04-16 16.55.31 2015-04-16 16.55.07 2015-04-16 16.53.13 2015-04-16 16.52.58 2015-04-16 16.50.08

2015-04-16 16.59.08

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