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Home Sweet Airstream Home…back in the TinCan!!!

Great news everyone! I’m back in the TinCan! Thanks to the serious skills of my friends she’s put back together, and I am back home. It is really amazing how wonderful it feels to say that and have dinner tonight in my own home. She may not be a conventional house, but she is definitely my home. This view makes me smile so very much!

2014-12-15 18.36.24I’ve got a lot of updating to do here on the rest of the repair completion and updates on the new toilet, but tonight I’m content to simply share a few views of our new parking space. I opted this time for a mobile home & RV park with long-term spaces. The park consists of mostly older mobile homes with RV’s scattered among them. All of the units are owner occupied, and although they aren’t new, the vast majority appear well cared for. The residents appear to be primarily older people, and so far the park is very quiet. I am parked in a stretch with primarily RV spaces. Many owners have built decks making their spaces really nice. The option to do this is an advantage if I end up staying here for long-term. I’ve always thought it would be lovely to have a nice outdoor space adjoining the TinCan. I can even put in a small storage building if I want. Another huge plus is that the park does have a storm shelter for resident’s use (a must in this part of the country). The price was right too, so here we are. I think we just may stay a while.


Did I mention that I have a concrete slab at the front step and paved parking with room even for a visitor’s car to park? Yay!


With minimal trial and error a perfectly level home! Thanks to the awesome skills of my tow-vehicle driver!intheair-10 intheair-14

This one’s not a great photo, but I am loving this great parking space. My rugs loved soaking up a little fresh air and sunshine!

Home sweet home! Even with a short sofa…(guess I need to get busy installing the new legs on this)

2014-12-14 16.46.26

The view from my kitchen window.

2014-12-07 18.18.48

I’m not the only one who is happy to be home. Ellie was so happy to have her favorite perch back.
intheair-21She couldn’t even let me borrow it for just a minute to plug the microwave back in.

The past month of being somewhat homeless has made me even more appreciative of this lovely home I call mine. I greatly appreciate the generosity of my friend for allowing me a convenient place to stay in the interim, but it just wasn’t my home. I hope you have a place that makes you feel as at home as I do right this moment. It doesn’t matter if it is tiny, moveable, or something more traditional as long as it is home and lets you keep your life simple and focused on the important things.



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