How does my Airstream garden grow?

By October 1, 2015 September 6th, 2017 Flower, Full-timing

You may recall that I planted a container garden here at the TinCan earlier this summer. The herbs have done well. The jalapeño plant just keeps on giving. The zinnias keep on blooming. However the tomato plant is obnoxious. It is an unsightly eyesore from which I have yet to receive one edible tomato. I do think this is likely somewhat of my own doing. I live in the south now, but I planted my tomato plant on a northern time schedule. Apparently tomatoes are like me and prefer cool nighttime temperatures. I have learned from my research that once the overall temps, day and night, are too high the tomato plants quit producing well. Obviously this plant really hated summer and still can’t get over it. This tomato was almost ripe before it rotted. Its brothers and sisters fared even worse. All have ended up tossed into the bushes out back for the neighborhood critters to enjoy.

IMG_3091 IMG_3092This jalapeño plant has done quite the opposite and simply keeps on producing more peppers.
IMG_3146 The garden has had its share of visitors too. I don’t really like this little fellow, but he was kind enough to pose for the camera.IMG_3140Forgive the blur on this one as it was tricky to get a good shot of this guy who resides in my lemongrass plant while the wind pummeled the poor plant. He didn’t seem to mind it much though.
IMG_3097 IMG_3150I had one shot at this one before he vamoosed. Unfortunately, my focus was off, but he was so pretty.
IMG_3156 IMG_3153

Did you plant a garden of any sort this summer? If so, how did it turn out? Will you do it again? What did you learn from it? I have learned next year the tomato will be planted earlier. I will also continue to plant the herbs and zinnias. They made me happy all summer.

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