Hurricane Harvey

By October 2, 2017Airstream, Texas Coast, Weather

Hurricane Harvey, (or I guess I should say Tropical Storm Harvey for those of us in the Houston area)…How did we fare?

It’s been a few weeks now, and many of you already know most of this from my instagram feed. However, I decided I still want to document the experience here as this blog is as much of a journal of life with the TinCan as I have.

Thankfully the TinCan only had some minor surface damage due to the excessive amount of rainfall. I did lose some stored items under the front sofa, but they were nothing compared to what so many others have lost.

We did move the TinCan to higher ground prior to the storm.

Atwood AircommandThankfully, I found out after the storm that the park where I stay fared well and did not flood. I was very surprised to return to check on things and find everything in my space looking just as it did when I left.

Hurricane harvey

However, the road into the park and much of the surrounding area was severely flooded. These photos were taken the Friday after the storm, a few days after the rain had subsided. Many spots were still under water heading into the park, cars were in ditches and yes…that is a boat in the neighbor’s field. Along with what looks to be a sofa, and who knows what else.hurricane harveyHurricane Harvey

I’m happy that we chose to take the extra step to move her, and doubly happy that I did not choose to stay in place in her. That would have been a traumatic, although adventurous, experience to endure. Watching and waiting wondering if I was going to need to get in the Kayak with the cat. Thankfully the cat and I had other options of where to stay where we remained safe and dry throughout the storm. Never needed the kayak, although it was in the car. Just in case…

Here are few more photos taken throughout the storm:

On Friday before the rain came…

Hurricane Harvey

A neighbor ready to help out…This was taken before the flooding started. We didn’t see the boat return to his house until a while after the rain stopped. He was one of the many volunteers out in the storm helping others to safety.

hurricane harvey

Thankfully, we never lost power during the storm. We did have a few anxious moments watching the water rise in the street, then recede, then rise again. However, the water never rose to point of reaching the house. Many of the neighbors further down the street did not fare so well.

Might as well enjoy a little mimosa with the pancakes.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the guy kayaking around the neighbor. A friend’s neighborhood had the local police out in the streets on jet skis checking if people needed help. The weathermen started looking so tired. I think they were there reporting 24 hours a day with a forecast that really didn’t change that much.

Rescued the pet turtles from their backyard habitat. They weren’t too happy in the bathtub, but at least they were dry.

The boat ramp is usually out past that middle tree.

Hurricane Harvey

Some photos of the aftermath:

Where did the food go? Obviously people really like dairy, ice cream, frozen pizzas, and chips when it is flooding.

You could get other brands of ice cream, but if you wanted Bluebell, well then you can have Strawberry or Strawberry. We are definitely in Texas.

What many neighborhoods in the area look like:

hurricane harvey

Sadly, many, many neighborhoods still look like this, and more homes are still being gutted and stabilized. I have been privileged to be a part of disaster relief efforts the last few weeks coordinated by the DRC. It has been beautiful seeing people volunteering to help their brothers and sisters whom they never met before get through this traumatic event. Even people whose own homes were flooded have been out helping others too. I am sure we will all continue to do so until the need has been filled.

This entire situation only emphasizes to me the need to keep our lives simple and our priorities in the right order. Homes and possessions, although they can be special to us, can be lost in a moment. If we build a life based merely on acquiring things, a loss like this could prove to be very devastating.


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