I love my Airstream life!

Did I say this before? I love my Airstream life! Yes, there always seems to be a project in need of completion, or some part in need of purchase. However, when I come home and turn my key in the lock, I feel so at home. It is so nice to have a home that is mine. I have learned to remind myself that all of the projects do not need to be done right at this moment. As time passes and the funds are available work can be done. The same would be true in any type of house. I also have to remind myself that most things are fixable even if they break or seem like really big projects. (Panic is not necessary!) I know each and every step is worth it. I also know that had I the opportunity to do so, I would do it all again. When I analyze it I’m really proud of myself for doing something outside of the box…especially since the decision to live in a somewhat unconventional home was a change that involved a risk and a jump into the unknown. It involved doing something outside of the safety and security of what I was familiar with. This is something my younger self would have been far to nervous to do even if the idea of it sounded exciting or intriguing. I’m so glad my older self has learned to step outside my comfort zone and experience some of the wonderful adventures found out here (See? There are some benefits to growing older. Haha). My comfort zone has expanded and my tolerance for the unexpected has too. It is my hope that it only continues do more so in the years to come.

Life has taken me on unexpected journeys, not all of them of my choosing. Here is one of my favorite quotes over the last several years:

2015-07-07 22.32.13

I do not know who wrote those words, but they sum up so succinctly a simple key to enjoying each day and opening up to change. I had these words up on my wall for the last few years. I have taken them down now since they have become ingrained in the very way I think. Life never lives up to the preconceived blueprint we create in our minds. When we learn to let go of that imagined circumstance in which we will be happy, then we can learn to find happiness each day in the moments of the life we are living. Happiness not in the life we hope for, not in the life that may never happen, but in the real life we wake up to each day despite its many imperfections. I know I never imagined that I’d be living in the TinCan, but now I am. I must say it is a lovely place to be. Now I look forward to where I may end up in the days to come. I even enjoy not knowing exactly where that may be. If you are (like I was a few years ago) at a point in your life where everything just isn’t the way you imagined your life would be, think a little on the above words. Let go of the image of how it was supposed to be. Only by doing this can you enjoy your life the way it is. Choose to enjoy the little things. Change what you can, and accept what you cannot. There is nothing wrong with having goals and planning for the future. Just don’t forget to live in the now, and not be overly discouraged when life doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Life has been hectic and at times overwhelming the last couple of months. Not in a negative way…just in an I need a vacation kind of way. Which is happening in another week! I’m hoping to have a bit of time to catch up on the blog here and share some of what I have been up to over the break in my schedule. However, it is going to be vacation, so…

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