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An Ikea sofa hack for the TinCan! Finally!

By February 16, 2015 Airstream, DIY, Tiny Spaces

A snow day stay at home day…what could be better? A snow day sitting on my new sofa! Yes! I finally decided what to do with the front end sofa (which by the way doubles as my sleeping quarters). The Ikea sofa bed I have been using fit well and was very comfortable. However, the under bed storage was not that simple to access, and the storage space was rather small. Therefore, I have been tossing around ideas for how to revamp the space pretty much since I moved in. If you also follow me on Pinterest you’ve likely seen many of the ideas I’ve considered. Some of them were really complicated. I finally came up with a relatively simple solution using parts of the existing sofa. I guess this is what I see often referred to as an Ikea sofa hack. I completed this yesterday, and I now have a new spot to sit and type today. I love that it sits higher with a much shorter back so as to avoid obstructing the windows. Now I just need to work on improving the view out of that window, right?

IMG_7020 IMG_7019

This has been my spot for most of this afternoon. I love the new sofa. The lower back and higher seating area provide a vast amount of storage while allowing for an unobstructed view of the windows. I love sitting here. 

Now for a few before and after shots of this project:


This was the original sofa frame from Ikea. It served me well for several years, but I want something with storage underneath that is easier to access.


I kept the mattress and lower frame, and gave the rest to a friend. I think he said he’s going to use the bottom portion to frame out a wormbed. Haha! The worm’s need a bed too, right?


I purchased to pieces of Poplar wood sized 12″x 36″ x 3/4″ from Home Depot. After making a template of the wall curve on pattern tracing paper, I cut the boards to match the curve of the wall.



I am using 1 1/2″ aluminum pipe for the legs. I need to sand off the blue residue on the pieces, but I would rather do that outside. Right now it’s a little cold to sit out there and sand, so this step is going to wait.

1 1/2″ galvanized pipe floor flanges are used to attach the pipe to the sideboards and to the floor. I will attach it to the floor once the legs have been sanded.


No project ever seems to go as easily as I think it should, and I always seem to make at least one more trip to Home Depot than I plan on. I miscalculated the width of the boards from the wall to the inner frame. Plan B consists of adding the strip of aluminum you see in the photo above to attach and add additional support for the inner section of the frame.


Mattresses in place and stuff stashed underneath. Yay! The back mattress simple sits on the floor behind the frame. It adds a very short sofa back, and it can still be pulled out to provide additional sleeping space for a guest. I plan to make a skirt for underneath to hide the stuff or get some nice decorative baskets. One more trip to Ikea for a couple of more pillows is on the list too. Even this is an improvement though.

IMG_6968 I love the little side shelves!

Even Ellie approves! (Please forgive the quality of this shot…she looked so content with the new bed I had to share it anyway.)


Now to work on improving this view…Someday, someday…

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