Am I at a crossroads in my Journey with the TinCan?

By September 24, 2016Airstream, Full-timing

Where have I been? I haven’t written in a while despite promising I would get back on track. There are a couple of reasons. First, my new job is still quite demanding. There simply isn’t much energy left for writing at the end of the day. This is temporary, but it is part of why I haven’t been here lately. Secondly, and definitely the bigger reason for the lack of writing, is that I am afraid I may be at a crossroads in my journey with the TinCan. Frankly I did not know how to express this or if I was ready to do so here. Don’t get me wrong. I still love living in the TinCan. I love owning her. I even feel like she has become part of my identity on certain levels. However, considering my current circumstances, future goals and my priorities in life, I am no longer 100% certain that the TinCan is the simplest option for me.
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I am sure your thoughts may be mirroring my own. “What? Where did this come from? What am I thinking? How could I even think of selling the TinCan?” This is what I think every time I pull back into the park by the water and up to her. Living in the TinCan has been one of the best experiences of my life. I really dread the idea of selling her. If I actually do decide that the time is right to let her go, I will shed tears as she is pulled away by her new owner. That being said, what I want even less is to keep the TinCan for the wrong reasons. I bought her to simplify my life and have more control of the decisions I make on how I live my life, spend my time, and keep my priorities in focus. If another option now does that better, I do not want to hang on to the TinCan just because I love her or because she is cool. (Which by the way, she totally is. Living in her is one of the coolest things I have ever done. Haha) If I determine the time has come to let her go, I want to be brave enough to do it. I never thought I’d be thinking this way, but it may be the right thing to do.

So what, you ask, am I thinking of as an alternative?

Let me start with my current life scenario: I currently work full-time. Eventually, my job should provide me with a more flexible schedule, but I expect it will still involve full-time or a little less than full-time hours. I want to be able to spend my free time outside of work focusing on my priorities: maintaining my spirituality, engaging in volunteer work, and spending time with family and friends, eating a more healthy diet and exercising. I would also love to work in time to paint and travel, especially internationally.

If I am to focus on my priorities, I need a living space that requires very little of my time and attention to maintain. Overall, the TinCan does not take a lot of time to maintain. Yard maintenance is provided where she is currently parked, and cleaning her inside takes less than an hour. This is a serious upside to the TinCan lifestyle. However, I do always keep in my mind a list of projects I would like to accomplish to improve her and keep her in good shape. These projects ask for my limited resources of time and energy. This can be frustrating when it is only me, and I am working full-time.

Harder to explain is that I feel I may also need a living space that requires very little of my thought processes. What do I mean by this? I will always want to fix/improve more things on the TinCan. I enjoy doing this, in fact, part of me thinks it would be awesome to buy some land, landscape it nice, and add a little storage/guest space. Next my thoughts can travel down a rabbit hole…how fun would it be to fix up several Airstreams? I could rent them out…then my brain says…this is not keeping things simple. Hahaha…do you see the snowball? There is also a part of my brain that sees the TinCan and thinks I am not reaching the goals I had in mind. However, in reality, I am still working toward the same goals. Life has simply led me in a different direction than I imagined. I think in a better direction ultimately. I feel I may be better able to focus my attention on new opportunities ahead of me if I let the Airstream go. Can you understand a little of what I mean by needing something that takes up less of my thought process?

The TinCan has been the best choice for the past several years. It worked perfectly for me and is a lifestyle I highly recommend. Living in the TinCan gave me options that I would not have otherwise. Looking into a number of these options over the past few months, I concluded that many of them, although having their upsides, are just not simple enough for me. I fear they could ultimately distract me from my priorities and goals. Thus, I narrowed the options to choosing between continuing to call the TinCan home or transitioning to an apartment/condo closer to where I work. There are a few workable options in the area. I just need to decide which will work the best and keep my life the simplest.

Do options wear your brain out? My sister and close friends will let you know: when I am faced with options, I can become obsessive compulsive over them. Thus, I must make a decision…even if it is a decision to put off making a decision. I must do this not only for myself, but for the peace of mind of those around me. Otherwise, eventually they may slap me. Hahaha!

I know which way I am if I do decide to let her go…anyone in the market for a 1970 Airstream?



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