Last of the Summer Wine…

I’m sitting here in the media room of my tin can watching one of my all time favorite shows tonight. If the names Norman Clegg, Foggy Dewhurst, and Compo Simonite don’t ring any bells with you, don’t worry. Not so very long ago I wasn’t very familiar with these guys myself. I think I may have seen them a time or two on PBS in the past, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the series “Last of the Summer Wine” at my local library that I really became hooked. As described on the BBC’s website it is “an affectionate comedy about people in the autumn of their years.” It started in 1973 and ran for some 30 series. This show never fails to put a smile on my face and most of the time inspires a laugh right out loud. Of course, I am in general drawn to British television both new and vintage, and your tastes may not be the same. I do highly recommend checking out this series if you are in the mood for something that is simply entertaining-you may just get a nice chuckle out of it like I do.

In fact, I highly recommend checking out the movie and television series selection at your local library to see what they offer. When I decided to cut out cable as a cost-saving simplification I found that my local library has a great selection of DVD’s to choose from. You can have up to ten checked out at a time and can renew the term online. Best of all-it’s free! Unless of course you, like me, still forget to renew online. Hahaha! Of course, even with a late fee of $0.10 a day it’s still cheaper than other rentals.



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