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Ikea Shoe Storage Airstream

Did you miss me? I truly apologize for not writing more often. Frankly, I’ve been in somewhat of a funk this year floundering around with back steps to some goals. I’ve still been working on things slowly, but it has been a struggle.  I have been on a much needed vacation from work for the past two weeks. No. I don’t have any exciting travel photos to share from this vacation/stay-cation. However, I do have a few TinCan updates to share.

All of the residual clutter from emptying the storage rental is now gone!!! I have been taking stuff to Goodwill and the dumpster. It is amazing how quickly things find new homes when you sit them beside the dumpster or out front with a sign saying “Free!”.

How can there still be so much to clear out when I live in such a small space? I think the answer lies in the continuing process involved in analyzing what we actually need. I find it so freeing to let things go. The more unnecessary items I have sent away to new homes, the more I love my home. All the things we think we need for whatever reason, whether it be utilitarian or sentimental, can block us from enjoying the items we honestly do enjoy using and looking at. I must admit that even after 5 years I was trying to find a place in here for all the stuff instead of simply getting rid of it. I’m sure I still have more to clear out, but for now I am thrilled with the progress.

Want to see some photos of the updates? I hope so…because here they come:

Finally figured out a simple way to hang a light shower curtain without that awkward bar across the room. This curtain is more for looks at this point, but I did see a lightweight liner at Ikea that I plan on tweaking to work in here at some point.Shower Curtain Airstream

I broke down and bought this new trash can at Target. I’ve seen it for months and finally caved. My sister bought me the cool grass from Ikea! I have wanted it for ages

Airstream Bathroom

The small table I had up front went up for grabs out by the dumpster. I replaced it with this terrific shoe cubby. (Also from Ikea.) These cubbies are great. They take up little space, hold a tremendous amount, are very lightweight, and look nice too. Ikea Shoe Storage Airstream

Ikea Shoe Storage Airstream

I replaced the rug with this terrific Amazon find as well. This rug was only around $35*. It is a low pile carpet, but the design looks like the expensive woven rugs I love. This one will do fine for now. I love the way it looks and my budget appreciates the price point.

New Rug for the Airstream

I hope you like the updates so far. Stay tuned as my next post will share some of the updates in the kitchen area.

*In the efforts of full disclosure this is an affiliate link. I will receive a small commission from Amazon anytime you shop through one of my Amazon links. However, I only share items that I personally use and recommend. No incentive was given for me to try or use this product or recommend it here.


  • ckmilliorn says:

    I love how the TinCan looks, so neat and clutter-free. Getting rid of clutter is so freeing. I need to do it again. Also, really like the rug!!

    • aunt am says:

      Thanks! I love the rug too. I keep going through putting more things in give away bags. It is truly freeing and like stepping into a breathe of fresh air.

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