More Pollen…

By April 23, 2010February 20th, 2015Family
It has been nearly a week since my last post and still the pollen persists. This came off the top of a bucket that was in the closed storage room off my deck. We need some rain, and we are supposed to get some this weekend. At this point I will believe it when I see it. I’d really like it to clean this mess off of my deck and out of the air.
The past week has been a busy one. Sally and Dad returned from their trip and brought Grandma with them for a visit. She brought with her some family pictures, some old and some new. We really enjoyed looking at them and eating the penuche (spelling?) she made for us. We had our Special Day and a congregation picnic over the weekend. The weather was lovely and cool. I finished my final last night and do not start my next class until Monday. A weekend without school is always wonderful. That is the latest news from the treehouse. Hope everyone is doing well.


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