Move Phase 1 Airstream Projects Complete!

What do I say? I am totally beat! I have been going non-stop trying to meet the deadline for all projects on the TinCan prior to the 31st of May. If you follow me on Instagram, you are likely already aware of what I have been up to. Honestly, things have been crazy around here. However, most projects were completed on time. Of course, there are always more projects on the list, but many have been completed at least for now. Every little bit of progress, and every project completion is an event worth celebrating in my book.

Update on the project completion status: The bathroom paint has been completed. The polishing has reached a good temporary stopping point. I am fairly certain polishing is a job that will never be perfect or stay finished for long, but this go around it is as good as it gets for now. Exterior striping trim is painted, but still needs a second coat on one side. The interior is cleaner than it has been for ages. No tools stacked in the living room and no mud tracked in on an old towel inside the front door protecting the pretty rug. It is so nice and clutter free in here. Can I stay home for the rest of the week to enjoy it? Haha!

Painted bathroom…Gunmetal Gray by Benjamin Moore for the lower segment. Upper is Pebble Beach also by Benjamin Moore.
 Orange Trim- Second coat completed on this side!

More orange trim…Finished for now!

Hitting the road to get new shoes!

Parked in our new spot for the next several days with new tires and repacked wheel bearings.

She looks smaller here…could it be we are shrinking or the neighbors are growing?

View across the Arkansas River to downtown.This picture is dark, but can you spot the shiny Airstream in the sea of rolling mansions?

A friend said, “Oh look, it’s a mama and her cool little retro baby.” This photo keeps making me laugh. The TinCan is 31′ long. Next to this rig she looks so tiny…so tiny, but shiny!

View out my front windows for the next few days!

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you to all of you who have been shopping via the links on my site. Your support has been a great help in getting these projects done. Thanks for following and supporting the TinCan and I on our journey.

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