All moved in…now what the hell?

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Parking her was the easy part…but now what to do with all of this stuff?!? Pardon my language, but seriously… Below are a few images of the chaos that followed move-in. I don’t know what I expected, but it was a little overwhelming and exhausting to deal with. Nothing necessitates organization and simplification more than moving into a 31′ aluminum can. Okay- so maybe moving into an even shorter one would. I must admit this one probably has more storage space than my tiny apartment, at least as far as built in cupboards and closets go. However, figuring out the best way to organize my stuff in the storage spaces was like playing a combination of Tetris and Jenga while living in the middle of the game. 🙂 Hmmm…I’ve always liked those games, so in retrospect maybe it wasn’t so bad. Too bad I didn’t always see it as that much fun during the process.

2013-10-13 07.28.44

First day! I am only sharing these photos so that any of you contemplating this course can prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Bahahaha!


2013-10-27 20.15.17

Progress, but still chaos!

2013-10-27 20.25.54

At least Ellie didn’t seem to mind the mess. She was probably just happy to no longer be abandoned at the apartment by herself. Poor thing spent at least two weeks there with daily visits until I could find room for her food bowl and litter box.

2013-10-27 20.27.20

Will it ever be done?

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