My new Instant Pot…steel cut oats and my thoughts on this new appliance.

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

So we had a hurricane in August and somehow now it is December and nearly a new year. Where did the last half of this year go? I’ve been happy to be able to help with some of the disaster relief efforts in the area. It has been a privilege to do so. Between that and other work and responsibilities somehow half a year has flown by in a blink.

Disaster relief work has served to reinforce how important keeping a simple life is for me. Every house I helped remove flood damaged belongings from only served to remind me how temporary possessions can be. It all served as a good reminder of the advantages of having less. It has even led me to simplify some thoughts regarding my art sales, but more on that in a future post.

Today let’s talk Instant Pots. Yes. I will admit to some cyber Monday shopping. My trusty crockpot died on me! I guess they just don’t make those things like the used to. I used my crockpot a lot and needed to replace it. While researching replacements I came across a great deal on the Instant Pot*. I’ve read some other blogs and Instagram feeds where RVers sang the praises of this kitchen appliance. Since it not only works as a pressure cooker, but can also function as a slow cooker, I decided to give it a try.

First impressions of this cooker are great! It cooks quickly with minimum clean up required. Biggest bonus is that it doesn’t put off a lot of heat in the small space of the TinCan. So far I have made rice with chicken, cooked a spaghetti squash in less than 30 minutes, and made perfect steel cut oats. The steel cut oats impressed me to most. I have never had much success with steel cut oats in previous attempts to make them. They turned out perfectly this time and cooked quickly and simply. I found some recipes on Pinterest for steel cut oats and then tweaked and combined them for mine. The recipe as made is below.Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

  • 1 cup steel cut oats (I used Trader Joe’s organic steel cut oats, but any brand you prefer is fine.)
  • 3 cups water
  • butter
  • Dash of salt
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • honey

Turn on the Instant Pot to sauté and add a tablespoon of butter and the oats. Toast for just a few minutes. Stir in cinnamon.

Add the 3 cups of water and a dash of salt. Stir.

Secure the lid, press manual, and set time to 4 minutes.

Allow the Instant Pot to come to pressure – approximately 5 minutes.

When finished, natural release pressure – approximately 5-10 minutes (Let the valve drop on its own. Do not quick release.)

Serve topped with a pat of butter and a drizzle of honey. (Or any other desired toppings.)

I hope you enjoy the recipe. Let me know if you try it and have any other suggestions.

*per the rules…these are affiliate links. I never share affiliate links in my posts for any products that I don’t personally use. 

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