My new toy…a Canon 5d Mark II

By August 25, 2015Flower, Photography, Photos

I did mention that I got a new camera, right? After probably too much research, I upgraded to a used Canon 5d Mark II. IMG_1035I may be a little too excited about this. Yes, I know the 5d Mark III is supposed to be much more awesome, but it is also much more out of my budget. All considered, the Mark II is excellent for what I need, and quite an upgrade from my Rebel T3. (I am not knocking the T3 in any way. It was my first DSLR, and I loved it. I captured some lovely shots with that camera, and I learned a lot using it. Eventually I learned enough that I felt the need to upgrade. By the way, the T3 is now in the caring hands of a dear friend who I hope enjoys it as much as I did.) Thus, after much watching on e-Bay I found this camera, hit buy it now, and waited somewhat impatiently for the UPS man to deliver it.

The first thing I noticed other than the ruggedness of the new camera body is how much simpler it is to adjust the manual settings on this camera than on my T3. I suppose that is because the T3 was designed for an amateur user who would likely use one of the auto settings most of the time. The focus on the new camera is a bit touchy, but I am getting the hang of it. The photos below are from the first few days I had the camera with a limited knowledge of how it operated and with a very limited lens collection. Despite those limitations, I could immediately see a difference in overall photo quality. Did I say I’m excited about this camera?

I now have a few more lenses to use, as I stole some from my sister. (Not exactly stole…I did take them with her permission.) I will share some of the newer shots in a future post. Pretend this was posted the first of July, and please bear with me as I play a little catch up here on ye ol’ blog.

IMG_1963IMG_1963-2 IMG_1947 IMG_1944 IMG_1941 IMG_1937 IMG_1917 IMG_1913 IMG_1908 IMG_1906 IMG_1903 IMG_1902 IMG_1901 IMG_1897 IMG_1876

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