New tent for The Little Craft Show…

Thought I would share a sneak peek at my new tent for The Little Craft Show in Springdale. We did a test run setting it up today. Two reasons why I always recommend a test run. First, you can make sure everything works and no parts are broken. Second, you won’t look like as much of an idiot on show day. It’s no fun trying to figure out how your tent works in front of all of the more seasoned vendors whose tents seemed to just pop up into place on their own. (It wasn’t magical. Those vendors simply remembered to do a test run, or they have set up so often they could do it with their eyes closed.)  The tent was a breeze to set up and looks great! The tent came complete with four polyester curtain sidewalls and a sturdy rolling case. Very happy with this upgrade to the studio art fair display! 


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