Oh no I didn’t? Oh yes I did!

By January 17, 2014Budget & Finance, Simplifying

Yes I did become brave enough to cut my own hair! I read a blog post on And Then We Saved about cutting your hair yourself. A lot of people replied to the post with their own comments that they too cut their own hair. What did I have to lose other than my dignity? I mean it will always grow back, right? So I bought an $11.99 pair of scissors and a $2.59 comb and started snipping. My hair really just needed a little shaping up…nothing too drastic (Although I must admit once I got started it was tempted to get carried away. Hahaha!)

hair in sink

So after a mess like this…

camera selfie

And after many poor attempts at taking a photo of myself…I had to take a camera full of photos to get a halfway decent one. Hahaha! 


My hair looks like this! So far I like it!

haircut again

Another shot…

Yes. So far I like it. However, the true test will come tomorrow morning when I look in the honest mirror at work instead of the magic mirror in the tin can’s bathroom. It is full of lies and deceit and says I look just fine every morning when I leave the house. Don’t get me wrong…I do like to believe it and ignore reality, but the big mirror on the wall at work tends to interrupt the fantasy. Hahaha! Anyway, I will update you on what it says tomorrow. 😉 If I still like it, think of all the money I can save going forward. Am I being frugal or turning into my mother? Hmmmm…

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