Oh Pelicans…I could watch them for hours!

Since moving back to Texas, I have re-discovered my love of living near the coast. Particularly, I do adore palm trees and coastal birds. I am especially fond of the pelican. They are truly magnificent birds. The lighting was perfect when I took my mom and nephew to see one of their favorite hang-outs yesterday. (I am sensing a painting session in the future inspired below.)These majestic white pelicans choose to winter in this area annually. They are even larger than the brown pelicans who call this place home year round.
Yes…I know this one isn’t a Pelican, but isn’t he grand?Doesn’t this guy just look like he is posing here like a supermodel?

Today the sun was hiding behind clouds, but these guys were all being so photogenic. I simply couldn’t resist pulling the car over for a few quick shots.

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