Open window kind of evening at the TinCan!

By August 27, 2015 Airstream, polishing/exterior

The temperature outside is currently 73 degrees and falling to a low tonight of 60. It is an absolutely beautiful evening! The kind I dream of most of the year. The kind we get far too few of. The moment I got home from work I flipped the switch on the A/C to off and flung the windows open. Okay…they didn’t fling open very well. It was more like unlock the windows then go around to the window outside and pry it open. I guess is it was time to add a little silicone gasket grease to those window seals. I didn’t do all the windows, but the three I had open were treated. I will catch the others on TinCan bath day, which has to be soon. I took a few minutes this evening to wash the section where the A/C condensation runs down. It was starting to look like a mold garden along all the trim and running lights in that area. It was hideous!


After photo…I was too embarrassed to even take a photo of the before! It was horrible! Yes, I know I should be ashamed. Yes, I really need to get with it on the polishing. Tonight I finally felt a resurgence of motivation to tackle some more projects around here. I’ve moved a few of the TinCan projects to my priority list for this fall. A thorough scrubbing, the second fan installation, roof coating and at least a light polishing all around…those projects are on the list. Oh yes, and a heat taped water hose is necessary before winter. Oh and…the list could keep going…and going…

IMG_3098Yes a bath is definitely on the list of upcoming projects now that the temps are dropping enough to survive outside. Who could even see out of that window? I hadn’t notice how awful they were since in the summer here it is too hot to open the vista views.

IMG_3094Did I tell you? I so love an open window!

I’m really disappointed in my tomato this year. The plant is huge but the tomatoes have all been duds. I think it is because I waited too late into the season to plant it. The heat stressed the plant and let the fruit sit on the plant too long without ripening. Lesson learned: next year I will plant sooner while the nighttime temps are still low enough.


This crazy jalapeño plant on the other hand just keeps producing peppers!  

The zinnias just keep on blooming! I love them, especially the orange ones.
I’m not the only one who loves the windows open!

Do you have any projects or adventures planned for the cooler temps on the horizon? I’d love hear about them.

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